Racing ahead of the Storm

A big storm is heading our way and it has become necessary for us to bring down the sides of our hoophouses.  For the hoophouses to remain secure, the sides and ends need to be down as this storm is packing very high winds. Our scented geraniums are growing out of our hoophouses so a trim is necessary.  So donning our rain gear and taking the wagon down to the hoophouse we preceded to give the geraniums a haircut. 

A couple of hours later and we have a wagon full of beautiful cuttings for next season.  Our geraniums are very popular and we plan to expand our offerings so these trimmings will make perfect new starts for 2017 season. 

Now all the hoophouses' sides are down, ends are closed and the ropes have been tighten down. We are hoping that the winds are not as bad as they are predicting.  Keeping our fingers crossed. 

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