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All About Anemones

For many folks including us, this is the time for planting fall anemones. We have been growing anemones since 2010, in the beginning in little boxes and under the shade of pine trees.

Growing Anemones

We didn't know a whole lot about growing them other than our corm rep. said it would not work. Ha, proved him wrong. They were able to withstand a normal PNW winter but were a bit short even at maturity. At least we knew to net them as we learned that deer like to eat the buds.

Later we figured out that if they were under a low caterpillar tunnel, the blooms would be better protected from harsh spring rains, spring hail storms and would grow with better stem length,

Growing Anemones

This photo was taken May 22, 2010. Probably the exact day we decided that hoophouses and tunnels were needed to grow beautiful flowers in the typical PNW spring weather. The kernel of idea of no-till flower farming was also probably taking root in Farmer Tony's mind.

Our cratehouse was built and the first anemones came out of it on March 3rd 2012 and then on the first day of spring we were hit by one of the wettest snow storm we have ever seen. Our low tunnels collapsed but the cratehouse and our first hoophouse made it through with lots of snow removal. The anemones were not even fazed by the cold weather.Growing Anemones

Growing Anemones

We were hooked on anemones from that point on, what a beautiful and hardly little flower to grow for early spring blooms.

Over the years we have tried different techniques and methods of pre-sprouting them, growing them on and cutting them. We have also fielded so many great questions on how it is all done. We have done blog posts, slide shows, and now videos on our You-tube channel, hopefully covering the topic of anemones as best as possible. The one area where we did not understand how to keep track of all this information is here on our website.  This is the reason for this post. You can search through our posts on anemones as you like but if you are wanting the nuts and bolts of how exactly to grow them, we are now setting up a category called "Growing-Anemones".  We are also attaching a link to our Youtube channel that will hook you up to the specific anemone videos.

You can also search our blog entries about anemones by typing the phrase "Growing-Anemones" in the search field and it will bring up those blog entries in that category.

We feel like we have talked, blogged, and videotaped the heck out of growing anemones, that you would think that there is nothing more to add. But this year we discovered a new technique in starting anemones from a fellow flower farmer, so I guess there IS more to say. So please add your ideas, methods and successes to our post via comments below or comments on the Youtube videos. Sharing ideas with fellow farmers is the best way to learn.

Anemones blooming


In the end it is all about growing these beauties and getting buckets and buckets of anemone blooms!!

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