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Making Mini Soil Block Mix

When making soil blocks to start your seeds, getting the mix right is the first key to success.  We have been doing soil blocks for several years and over time we have refined our mix to allow for the best germination outcome possible. It is also the most affordable method for us.  As we often state, this is what works for us on our farm. There are many ways to make a mix for the mini soil blocker and we are offering this post and video as an option.

Farmer Tony goes over the recipe that we use for our mini soil block mix.  Here it is in the printed form:

We use a 3 gallon pail as equaling 1 part.  The finished mix using this recipe and our 3 gallon measuring pail is about 5 cubic feet and will make about 30 1020 trays of 300 blocks per tray.

4 parts of peat moss sifted

2 cups of limestone

1 part perlite plug grade

2 cups calphos

2 cups greensand if you can get it OR

2 cups basalt rock powder (not both)

2 cups worm castings

1 parts compost sifted

Feels like I am writing a recipe down and actually it is a recipe.  A recipe that successfully creates little soil blocks that hold up and create the perfect medium for soil germination.

Photos of the parts for clarity

Mini Soil Block Mix

Peat Moss that we sifted

Mini Soil Block Mix

Mini Soil Block Mix

Limestone on the right with Calphos on the left

Mini Soil Block Mix

Perlite  plug grade

Mini Soil Block Mix

Activated Bio Char mixed with basalt, worm castings and bread flour that has composted for 4 weeks

Mini Soil Block Mix

Sifted Compost

View our video on the process to learn more follow the link below:

How we make soil mix for our 3/4" miniblocks

So there it is, our mix for making 3/4" mini soil blocks.  I have many flowers to seed in the coming days so this batch is a good start. Stay tuned for more videos on our other mixes and using our soil blockers.  Time for another round of snapdragons, oh how I wish they were bigger seeds, where ARE my glasses????

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