Checking the Status of the No-Till Weed Project

A phrase that we need to practice often and consistently is "Work Smarter, Not Harder".

Finally we think we have found the method that allows us to do just that. No-till flower farming is saving us time, achy backs and doing a fabulous job of ridding grass and weeds from our flower beds. Just saying it works is one thing but a few photos can show the real deal.


Fixing a Weed Problem


Daffodil Boxes


Daffodil Boxes

If you recall we did a video showing how we deal with a grassy weedy problem in our perennial boxes. Today we uncovered those boxes and revealed how the grasses are gone.

You guessed it another video.  Check it out here.


Seeing is believing. There was a lot of grass in those boxes  and we, okay, I was skeptical that it would work and so well. So give it a try and see how it works for you.

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2 thoughts on “Checking the Status of the No-Till Weed Project”

  1. What kind of grass did you have. I have a major bermuda grass issue that I’ve been battling for years.

  2. Hi April; Thanks for reading the blog. The types of grasses that were in these boxes were mostly annuals, wild oats, annual ryes. Occultation would work on more stubborn perennials but it is a longer process. We had several beds that were brought back from neglect that had a bad combo infestation of perennial rye and Canadian Thistle. What it took to knock these down was a series of 4 weeks occultation, 4 week buckwheat cover crop followed by 4 weeks of Occultation and 4 week buck wheat again and then a final Occultation. we got no cash crop on those beds that year but we killed off the weeds effectively such that they have not come back.

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