Tool Sharpening

Keeping our Hand tools Sharp

Here on the farm we use a lot of hand tools that function at their best when they have a sharp blade.  Repeated use overtime leads to dull edges, poor tool performance and in general more energy and time being expended doing our work.  Lets face it, using a tool that is sharpened to its optimum makes the work more enjoyable.

We recently took the advice of Curtis Stone. Some may recognize him, he is the Urban Farmer and has made farming small and farming smart his passion. We don't personally know the gentleman but have been followers of his YouTube videos for quite sometime.  A recent video his featured a tool that we thought would solve what sometimes is a time consuming chore of keeping our tools sharp and at their optimum.

Tool Sharpening

The featured tool is made by a company here in Ashland, Oregon, our home state. How cool is that! The company is Darex LLC and the tool is the Work Sharp WSKTS Knife and Tool Sharpener .

This tool is reasonably priced, about $63 and quite simple to use. The sharpener really does a fast job of putting sharp edges back on a whole range of tools.  We recently posted a video on our YouTube channel showing how quickly we can sharpen a variety of tools.  The interesting thing about this tool is that it comes with a variety of grinding grits, jigs for knife sharpening as well as for sharpening scissors.

Anyway we thought we would occasionally showcase things we come across either in processes or tools that we can adapt for use on the Farm.  This one I think is aces, its inexpensive, simple to use, low cost to maintain, and has multiple uses across the Farm and home.

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