Grow On Mini Tunnel

Our New Mini Grow On Tunnel

Sometimes right in the middle of a big seeding and bump up soil blocking session, you need to stop and switch gears when it becomes evident that you have no more room for trays of flowers that need to grow on before being planted in the field. That moment came for us this week when it became crucial that we get a grow on tunnel constructed. It was nothing fancy and made from spare parts but its function will be key in our success in growing flowers particularly lisianthus.

Grow On Mini Tunnel

Lisianthus are an absolutely beautiful wonderful flower but they are incredibly slow growing, I mean super SLOW. When you have a tiny greenhouse and big dreams of long rows of lissies, you have to have a spot for them to grow and stay out of the way of all the other flowers that move in and out of the greenhouse in fairly good speed. Many times I get so frustrated with their slow growth that I want to chuck them out the door and bid them a good luck surviving nod.  Focusing on photos of the beautiful blooms helps greatly but mainly I just need a spot where they can take their sweet time getting to the right size.

Solution the new mini grow on tunnel.

Grow On Mini Tunnel

Made basically like our other tunnels, with a fabric cloth floor, bent metal pipes with plastic extenders and hog wire fencing on top of lily bulb crates. Cover with a left over piece of plastic and now we are in business.

A few close up photos

Grow On Mini Tunnel

The same ratchet system we use for other tunnels shown here, to hold the plastic tight over the top of the trays.

Grow On Mini Tunnel

A screw is drilled through the pvc pipe to hold the metal pipe up at a height of about 4 feet.

Grow On Mini Tunnel

Hog wire sitting on lily crates is sturdy enough to hold a bunch of trays. We can fit 2 across and the sides of the tunnel can come down to ground level. If a super cold spell is coming, we will cover these babies with agribon 50 frost blankets to keep them cozy and warm.

Grow On Mini Tunnel

Here is a quick little video talking about our new mini tunnel.

Video on our mini-tunnel

Grow On Mini Tunnel

In no time, I will have this tunnel full of all kinds of goodies and will be needing another one and another one and another one.....  Shhh, Don't tell Farmer Tony!

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One thought on “Our New Mini Grow On Tunnel”

  1. Looks tidy and efficient…and as always, exactly what I needed to see! Thank you Denise and Farmer Tony for all of your hard work, and generosity in sharing. Your beautiful blooms are a testament to your hard work and dedication.
    Love and best wishes for another incredible flower season!

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