Cooler Repair

Potential Disaster Averted

We have been having quite a few weeks of incredibly hot weather here, especially for Oregon.  I believe we are approaching 20 days with weather that is above 90 degrees, which is not typical or maybe is slowly becoming more typical. Anyway, this hot weather has been hard on the plants, new seedlings, the farmers and finally on our cooler. Our air conditioner fried up and shut down Tuesday night and panic ensued. We had a bunch of flowers inside and were freaked that the temps would rise and ruin the flowers. But the temperature held below 50 degrees and the flowers were delivered the next morning. So now we needed to find another air conditioner. Thank goodness Lowes had a similar model in stock and Farmer Tony was able to picked it up on the way home from deliveries.

Cooler Repair

We wrestled the old one out and dead lifted the new one back in place.


The CoolBot itself seems to be just fine.

So we did a little video of our cooler repair. You can find the video on Bare Mtn Farm YouTube channel. Or Follow this link.



Cooler Repair

CoolBot running and starting to lower the temperature

Cooler Repair

Close up view of the drain hole.

Cooler Repair

Back view of the cooler mounted on the bracket.

(As I write this blog post our cooler is at 38 Degrees F.  Success!)

The breakdown of the air conditioner came at a bad time but really is there ever a good time for a breakdown.  I guess no, not really, but we got it fixed pretty fast. Would have loved to spent the money on some other tools or plants but when you think about it, the cooler is one of the most valuable tools we have for farming our cut flowers. So I guess, we chalk it up to; just part of flower farming. On to the next project.

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