Pottipuki- Great Tool

Pottiputki- Great Planting Tool

Howdy again, its been awhile for us creating videos or blog posts. Its been a pretty rough year for us, weather wise and critter wise.  Kinda of feels like for every step we take in a good forward motion, we get knocked back about 2 backwards.  We have experienced very rainy spring season with tremendous rot of seedlings to extreme heat and harsh hot wind taking a toll on newly planted seedlings in the summer.  Following that was extreme insect pressure feeding on our flower seedlings and then it seems that every local critter has viewed our farm as their personal lush greenery buffet. We have had deer, skunk, rabbits, foxes, gophers, squirrels and the worst nutria.  Despite this we persevere,we are either crazy idiots, masochists or extreme lovers of flowers and always optimistic for success. So when working really hard on planting flowers, we have a tool that helps keep us in the game. It saves our backs, knees and keeps us upright and working long hours. This is very important in the late season, when we are tired and bad body mechanics can take a serious toll.

We found out about the Pottiputki at a national conference of the ASCFG in San Jose about 10 years ago. We had to check it out because it seemed to be really handy. We found them in a North American Company called BAP Equipment LTD in Ontario Canada.

Pottipuki - Great Tool

We have three sizes, a 38 a 55 and a 75.

Pottipuki - Great Tool

Here is a photo of the foot petals with the jaws open on the middle pottiputki.

Pottipuki - Great Tool

A close photo of the three tube sizes.  The 38mm is for mini soil blocks, the 55mm for 1.5" blocks or 72 Plug size, and the  75MM is for 2' blocks.

Pottipuki - Great Tool

Working the pottiputki

Kale Seedlings

Newly planted ornamental kale.

Pottipuki - Great Tool

So we did a little video that is found on Bare Mtn's Youtube Channel. Here is the link to the Pottiputki video in our channel.


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  1. These tools are also used for planting forestry trees and native revegetation work in Australia- never occurred to me to use for flower and vegetable seedlings Great idea!

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