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On the Schedule or Not

Here we are at the beginning of a new week and we are still trying to catch up with all the week before brought us. We try and make a weekly schedule of chores, jobs, building projects and harvest schedules each week to keep us on task and focused. But the best laid plans fly out the window especially when dealing with weather. Scrapping the plans this week was necessary and flying by the seat of pants became the norm (as it usually is).


Last weekend and first part of the weekday was nice spring like weather, running around in light sweatshirts and tees. It also meant the tulips were popping like crazy and Farmer Tony was in the hoophouse most of the first few days pulling tulips. The anemone palace was popping too. I harvested bucket after bucket of these beauties, which was fabulous since it was Valentine's Day week. Lots of texts for more flowers kept coming and we spent many hours shuttling our flowers around to many designers who were crazy busy in their own right. This was a huge Valentine's Day for us, biggest yet!! The milder weather helped a great deal but we also planned this too. Last year I had 4 bunches of anemones to offer and this year it was near 160 bunches. Yay, a plan worked out!!


Tulips and Anemones

Tulip bunches after tulip bunches came in, processed and flew out the door.

Then the weather shifted on us and the weekly schedule flew out the door. Not on our weekly plan, I needed to harvest all the anemone blooms that were viable or needed to be deadheaded so that we could draw over our double frost blankets to protect them from a few days of super cold nights. We were sure that the plants would survive but not sure the blooms would not be damaged. Same with our tulips. Although everything was in our hoop-houses, they are unheated and we rely on frost blankets for protection. The hard part is to get the blankets over budded up tulips without creating more damage. So we opted to wait a night or two before trying to cover them.  BIG MISTAKE

Damaged Tulip

Damaged Tulip

Our beautiful parrot tulips we featured last week got severely frost damaged. They were a white parrot so the browning of the tulips with botrytis was pretty apparent. Damn, Sh*t and other colorful words later, we have our first  "it sucks to be us" loss of 2018. Parrots are not cheap and are very popular so it is a big loss to the bottom line. Lesson learned, not all tulips can take chilly nights. All the other tulips were fine and growing along, still have a few more nights of super cold so we are hoping for the best and covering everything. Rolling out lines of more frost blankets was not on the weekly plan,

On the weekly plan was the pinching and weeding of our winter grown snapdragons. We did a small quick video of the pinching over on our Youtube channel. Pinching is a Snap  

So happy that chore is done and was on the list.

As far as seeding is going, I am only a few days behind. Next up is 7 trays of mini blocks of our last spring and early summer snapdragons. Those teeny tiny seeds will do me in, get out the double pair of reading glasses and get 'er done.

Not on the weekly schedule was a frantic building of the end wall on our newest hoophouse. Weather predictions had us frazzled with reports of gusty winds coming at us. The direction was directly in line to our new hoophouse whose ends were not enclosed.  With visions of the whole thing lifting and flying up the valley, Farmer Tony put up the plastic end walls and secured the house down. Winds blew and the hoophouse stayed put.

So what good is a weekly schedule? Well, when it works, its great! Keeps us on task and focused. When the schedule is dumped, it sucks. It causes us to panic and feel behind and like we are screwing up again.

But this is a new week, with a new schedule and hope that springs eternal. So we will roll with the good and the bad and keep plugging along. Its still February and there is a whole season out in front of us yet.


"The best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry."   ~Robert Burns~

PS  Not encouraging mice or vole schemes to our farm.