35 block soil blocker

Test Driving a New Soil Blocker

A couple of years ago, we moved to seeding and growing our flowers using soil blocks.  We have written previous posts on the value of soil blocks and if you do a search of soil blocks here, you will find our blog posts.  We have all the different size blockers available from Johnny's seeds.  We started with the hand blockers and then moved to the standing blockers, but the blockers never filled a standard 1020 tray. We always had to spend a little more time doing partial blocks and adding them in to the tray. Then one day we spotted a 35 cell soil blocker that Johnny's was offering. It would do 3 charges of blocks into a tray.  These blocks were approximately 1 1/8 inch in size. Three charges was what caught our eye and so an order was placed.

35 block soil blocker

Here is our new 35 cell soil blocker.  We decided to do a short video of our first test drive using this blocker.  Our plan is to use this blocker for bigger seeds such as stock, zinnias, marigolds, orlaya and other similar sized seeds.  They should germinate well in this size block and then go directly to the field once they are harden off. They should not have to be bumped up in to a larger cell which will cut down the work load tremendously.

We have included a few other photos of the gear we use to make soil blocks.

35 block soil blocker

A easy peasy jig, that holds the tray from shifting on the cement.

35 block soil blocker

Tray set in the jig ready to have blocks placed in.

So check out our short little video on our Youtube channel.

35 Cell Standing Blocker


We will be doing many more videos on soil blocking in the coming weeks.  It is seed starting time and we will be showing all the various ways we start our flower seeds. So please stay tuned.

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One thought on “Test Driving a New Soil Blocker”

  1. We love our 35 cell blocker. It is very efficient on size and very fast in making soil blocks. A huge labor saver and our transplants have been very happy. We still need our 2″ blocker for a few things but overall this is our new #1 blocker.

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